This is an easy and at the same time a hard question to answer. Definitions vary from systems of communication to organised symbols of meaning to use of sounds and words in groups.

There is a distinctly human need to communicate. We are all members of the human family and need to experience contact and build relationships. This what language does.

We all use language constantly in many and varied cultural forms. From before birth, it is such a constant in our lives which we hardly ever think about until we are challenged by an experience where we cannot be understood or cannot understand another.

Then, as adults, we are forced to search in our life skills toolkit and find alternative communication strategies. 

Gesture, facial expression, eye contact, body language, tone of voice and drama. When these skills are found we realize that there is always a way to communicate!

Children are masters of this. They understand how important any form of communication is to make connections and communicate their needs and wants.

Here at Angsana Education our vision is for a multilingual child in every home and our programs are designed to reflect our vision of “Creating multilingual children and inspiring children to connect”.

Mary Digges

Early Childhood Consultant for Angsana Education

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