One language or two? My baby’s language development

One language or two? My baby’s language development…

The answer is two and more!

The early years are the optimal time for babies and young children to develop their language skills. As parents and educators, we need to take advantage of this precious time in a child’s life to encourage their language development. The more language sounds a baby is exposed to, the more the baby will recognise and learn. 

Everyday speech and environmental sounds, music, and rhythm and beat are all sources of sound that contribute to your child’s auditory and language development.

In their long amazing development in utero, babies hear sounds. They hear all the inner workings of your body with its gurgles and gushes and it’s comforting and life-giving heartbeat, and every breath you take as a low slow inhale and exhale – shhhhhhhh. They can recognise music and beat and may be disturbed by sudden noises or sounds. Babies hear and learn to recognise your voice and that of close family members. They learn to differentiate sounds and tones.

The development of language or languages in the case of a baby born into a family where parents speak different mother tongues has begun.

Here at Angsana Education we are passionate about children being bilingual and multilingual. Our programs are designed to support and enrich the development of Mandarin language for children.

Come and visit us and see for yourself.

Mary Digges
Early Childhood Consultant for Angsana Education

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