Let’s look back on 2020- How did our children do and how far have we come?

2020 was the year that probably changed us all -our families, our schools, our friends, our lives.

The school year has now drawn to a close, children, parents and teachers must all be breathing a bit more easily. Now is a good time to look back on 2020 with your child after the celebration of Christmas and as we hopefully relax into much needed holidays. It’s a child’s year in review.

How did our children do and how far have we all come? Let’s find out how they managed change, disruption, good news and bad news, how they maintained and developed friendships and family relationships. How they viewed themselves and their achievements.

Pick a time to have a quiet chat with your child, using the questions below. Try to pick a time when you both feel relaxed. I find that a car trip is sometimes a good time. There are no right or wrong answers. Maybe you can both contribute and compare your answers? Maybe you could do it as a family?

Here we go …….

What were the best things about 2020? List as many as you can.

What were the worst things about 2020?

What did you do really well? (positive thinking)

What did you not do well? How did you feel about this?

What did you achieve? (positive thinking)

What did you learn?

What do you need to work on?

What do you want to do next year?

Finally, let’s look forward. I like this exercise from an article called Positive thinking and positive thoughts from the raising children website – read and see if it helps you.  


My best wishes to all parents’ children and families. 2020 has been an unusual year but one that has taught us all much. Enjoy some time to reflect on how wonderful our children are.  



Mary Digges *

MDR Education

Early Childhood Consultant for Angsana Education. 

* Mary Digges is an early childhood teacher, lecturer, trainer, assessor and consultant in education and has long promoted bilingual and multilingual education. Mary has worked in Australia, Singapore and China.

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